An explanation of Dental Veneers

Tooth veneers can be used to restore teeth that may have tooth decay and allow us to fix the front portion or the visible portion of your tooth.

That’s what makes them a great solution for cosmetic change and to restore front teeth we really use the term cosmetic veneer when we’re really strictly referring to no decay present.

We’re just going to change the way that the front teeth look and so we make individually customized pieces of these thin pieces of porcelain to bond them on to each individual tooth.

You’re gonna be able to brush and floss like normal and treat it this as just it was your enamel and natural tooth feel the brush and floss keep it clean and really no difference from what you’ve been doing with your natural teeth.

Only that’s your smile now looks better brighter and doesn’t stain. One of the main reasons people might look into doing cosmetic veneers is really the shade and the shape change of their teeth.

And the fact that the color that we choose is permanent so you’re not going to see any change in shade throughout the life of that veneer.

Veneers are also an awesome way to instantly transform a smile. There’s a lot of ways that we can address a smile. Whether it’s moving teeth or doing some reshaping or contouring of teeth.

The veneer process is almost instantaneous and can provide a total change to the way that somebody looks when they smile. Hopefully that helps you understand what a veneer is.

I’ve got a few examples here for you to kind of look at. Here’s a one close-up of a veneer and kind of how thin it is. It’s really you can tell thinner than what a credit card would be.

And then here is a model that shows the a crown on the backside and kind of route that crown would wrap around. And then here is the lower arch as an example to show you what the veneers might look if they were done on that on those lower teeth there.

Well, I hope that kind of clears up what a dental veneer is and you know what does what makes innovative dental so unique is that we make the veneers right here in our practice with the latest in 3d digital technology.