Key Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

Imperfections in our teeth, even the smallest, can have a profound effect on our self-esteem. Being conscious of the stains, discoloration, gaps or chips on the surface of the teeth can heavily impact the way you socialize and interact with others. Cosmetic dentistry is fast gaining popularity and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Nowadays, any issues that you could have with the way your smile looks can be easily resolved by scheduling a visit to your dentist.

Porcelain veneers offer the perfect cosmetic and functional solution to teeth imperfections. Patients who choose to undergo porcelain veneer procedures experience a drastic improvement in their lives as their looks are enhanced. If you don’t have an idea of what porcelain veneers are, they are thin shells made of porcelain that are fitted on the surface of your teeth. They are custom made to ensure that they perfectly fit your teeth and artificially restore the lost glory of your pearly whites. The procedure is minimally invasive since only a small part of the enamel is removed to avoid a scenario where your teeth look bulky after the veneers are installed.

If you are conscious about your smile, read on to find out why you should definitely consider having porcelain veneers installed.

Porcelain Veneers Look Natural

The last thing you’d want is looking like a crown after undergoing a procedure to enhance the way your teeth look. That is why porcelain veneers are customized to blend seamlessly with the patient’s teeth. This means that, even though your teeth will be whiter, they’ll have a uniform and natural look. It will be difficult for others to distinguish between the veneers and your natural teeth. In addition to visual resemblance, porcelain veneers also function like your real teeth.

Porcelain Veneers Are Durable Stain Resistant

Porcelain is known to be highly resistant to stains and so are products made of porcelain. Not only will porcelain veneers help you achieve a whiter and brighter smile, but they will also help you retain the look. This means that you don’t have to worry much about losing your new found look.

Porcelain is manufactured through a process known as vitrification. This process ensures that the material is strong and durable. These are the attributes that you’d want your teeth to possess. Hence, porcelain veneers help to strengthen and protect your teeth.

Cover Teeth Imperfections

This is definitely the main reason why so many people seek to have porcelain veneers installed. Are your teeth discolored?
Do you avoid smiling when you are engaging with others because of the gaps between your teeth? Pretty much all types of visual imperfections, apart from misalignments and missing teeth, can be resolved using porcelain veneers.

Easy To Maintain

Even though we had earlier discussed that porcelain veneers are stain resistant and durable, maintaining proper oral hygiene is still very important. Take care of your porcelain veneers as you would your natural teeth. The point here is that no special type of care or maintenance is required.

Minimally Invasive And Maintains Tooth Structure

Since porcelain veneers are fitted only on the fronts of your teeth, the procedure requires only a slight removal of the enamel to accommodate the veneers. This has an insignificant impact on the structure of your teeth. What’s more, little to no anesthesia is required during the process. The dentist takes impressions of your teeth and when the veneers are finally ready, they are bonded to the surface of the front of your teeth.

Other teeth restoration procedures such as dental crowns are invasive since crowns are fitted over the entire surface of your teeth. This means that the dentist will have to get rid of more enamel so as to fit the crowns.

Boosts Your Confidence

If the way your teeth look has been constantly keeping you down, then you have a reason to smile again. Not only will undergoing a porcelain veneers installation procedure help you achieve the smile you’ve always dream of, but you’ll also experience a boost in your confidence.

You’ll no longer have to worry about how people perceive you since you can now proudly show off your teeth. A beautiful smile helps and motivates you to smile more often, and ultimately improves your quality of life and health.

With more and more people opting for porcelain veneer installation procedures, any doubts as to the effectiveness of porcelain veneers can be thrown out the window. The fact that they help resolve numerous dental imperfections should be enough to motivate anyone with such imperfections. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to determine whether you are a potential candidate.

5 Reasons To Pursue A Career As A Dentist

A career in dental practice is as challenging as it is rewarding. This noble profession is making major strides, and it is ever-expanding offering fresh graduates and established dentists a wide range of new opportunities and challenges. It isn’t easy becoming a dentist, one has to endure long and intensive training courses, but once you are done with that, you’ll find that being a dentist to be personally satisfying and professionally rewarding.

If you are considering a career in dentistry, then the following reasons will further motivate you to pursue your dreams.

Modern Fields Of Dentistry Help Engage Your Creative Side

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most sought-after dental services. It involves enhancing a patient’s facial look by treating or covering up dental imperfections. This type of dentistry is often considered a mix of art and science. This is because not only will you be using your dental medicine knowledge to assist the patient but you’ll have to be creative to ensure that the patient achieves the look they desire.

The Satisfaction Of Helping Others

Dentists are crucial in any society. In order to ensure that one has stellar oral health, a visit to a dentist is definite. What’s more, research has revealed that there is a link between oral health and overall physical health, which has raised more need for professional dental care. As a dentist, you educate your patients on how to maintain and improve their oral health, perform restorative and cosmetic procedures, which help boost a patient’s self-esteem, and also recommend treatments that help alleviate pain and treat dental diseases.

There is joy and satisfaction in positively transforming people’s lives and as a dentist, you get to experience that every time you are at the workplace.

A Myriad Of Career Options

Even though reports suggest that more than 80% of dental practitioners are in general dentistry, there are other career options and specialties that one can pursue, for example, public dental health and pediatric dentistry. You can choose to be a private practitioner or work for organizations and governments.

Job Security And Financial Rewards

It goes without saying that one of the major reasons we get into careers is to be financially stable. However, different careers have different remunerations and some are more lucrative than others. You wouldn’t be mistaken to put a career in dentistry amongst lucrative careers. Dentists have a spot in the list highest paid practitioners in the world, and the demand for dental services is just but increasing. In addition, cosmetic dentistry procedures are expensive and this translates to a hefty pay for those in the practice.

Influence And Prestige

As discussed above, dentistry is a lucrative practice that requires a lot of patience and commitment to join. It is a career choice that not many qualify and the type of work isn’t meant for everyone. There is a lot of respect and admiration that comes with being a dentist. In addition, if you are the owner of your private practice, then people tend to look up to you as a leader. This can help earn you a leadership role in your local community.

The dentistry field provides a key health care service that is essential in any community. Maintaining oral health is important if one is to lead a comfortable life. As shown in this article there is a lot more to dentistry than what meets the eye. A career choice in dentistry is not only a noble cause but it is also highly rewarding.

An explanation of Dental Veneers

Tooth veneers can be used to restore teeth that may have tooth decay and allow us to fix the front portion or the visible portion of your tooth.

That’s what makes them a great solution for cosmetic change and to restore front teeth we really use the term cosmetic veneer when we’re really strictly referring to no decay present.

We’re just going to change the way that the front teeth look and so we make individually customized pieces of these thin pieces of porcelain to bond them on to each individual tooth.

You’re gonna be able to brush and floss like normal and treat it this as just it was your enamel and natural tooth feel the brush and floss keep it clean and really no difference from what you’ve been doing with your natural teeth.

Only that’s your smile now looks better brighter and doesn’t stain. One of the main reasons people might look into doing cosmetic veneers is really the shade and the shape change of their teeth.

And the fact that the color that we choose is permanent so you’re not going to see any change in shade throughout the life of that veneer.

Veneers are also an awesome way to instantly transform a smile. There’s a lot of ways that we can address a smile. Whether it’s moving teeth or doing some reshaping or contouring of teeth.

The veneer process is almost instantaneous and can provide a total change to the way that somebody looks when they smile. Hopefully that helps you understand what a veneer is.

I’ve got a few examples here for you to kind of look at. Here’s a one close-up of a veneer and kind of how thin it is. It’s really you can tell thinner than what a credit card would be.

And then here is a model that shows the a crown on the backside and kind of route that crown would wrap around. And then here is the lower arch as an example to show you what the veneers might look if they were done on that on those lower teeth there.

Well, I hope that kind of clears up what a dental veneer is and you know what does what makes innovative dental so unique is that we make the veneers right here in our practice with the latest in 3d digital technology.

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